Monday, 1 July 2013



Going to be totally honest here, I'm an extremely oily girl. I can go maybe about an hour throughout my day before oil starts, and it's not even just around my t-zone... It's everywhere. I even get oily around my eyes which means that eyeliner and mascara isn't at it's best and really, being oily skinned makes me very self concious. 

I was a big lover and fan of the other Urban Decay spray, All Nighter  (x) and when Debenhams had it's sale (I swear Debenhams always has a sale?!) I went to put that in my little online shopping bag, but then had a change of heart and thought I'd give this a go. Now being extremely oily, I thought that this would work as well, if not better, than All Nighter, giving that it is targeted towards it specifically... If you cannot guess already, I was a little disheartened.

It says it'll keep foundation and blush from slipping or fading and states 'Goodbye shine, hello vibrant long lasting make up' which sounds good, right? For me, it was more like just spraying water on my face. With the All Nighter spray, you kind of feel it tighten a little on your skin, not uncomfortably, but once it's dry you know you've sprayed it and it sets. With this one, I sprayed it and it sunk in. Which isn't a bad thing, but it didn't give me that sort of .. 'safety' I felt with the other one. It left my skin dewy, which is nice and I thought that maybe it'd just prevent the oil from coming through when the time come. 

About an hour later, I touched my face and just felt this oily texture to my skin, looked at my hand and to my shock, there was foundation on my fingers!! I looked in the mirror and I looked once again like a shiny mess... Now I don't know if this was because I myself am just that tad too oily for this to work, or maybe it just isn't worth it, considering that that is what this product is specifically for.

I did test this over a long period of time, and every time had the same result. I think if you're extremely oily, maybe just opt for the All Nighter spray as I know for a fact that keeps makeup in place perfectly for hours. This would maybe suit combo skin or just normal that suffers from slipping when in hot weather!

Overally, I'm pretty disappointed and I'm glad I only bought the small travel size bottle to test out, but at least I'll always have my trusty All Nighter to fall back on!

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