Friday, 17 May 2013



Having started this blog to talk about all things beauty, I have no idea why I've left it so long to write about this little baby! I first heard about this on youtube and I remember at the time I had been getting so annoyed as I'd apply my eyeliner and then a few hours later it'd be out of my waterline! I had given up on the whole eyeliner game really and had come to terms with the fact that I would forever be touching it up wherever I was, until this came into my life. I bought it on a whim and I'm so glad I did!

The formula itself is very creamy and when you first apply it it really makes you doubt its staying power.. but believe me, once this sets, it's set. The formula also makes it a bit hard to sharpen as it seems to sort of.. Melt if it gets too warm? Don't really think melt is the right word, but basically it's creamy enough that you can blend it out to be smokey if you'd like to. This is in the shade Perversion which is the blackest black they have, and to be honest the blackest eyeliner I've ever used! They have another shade Zero which I think is less intense but I haven't tried it. Now, what makes this eyeliner so special is that it stays in the waterline until you take it off. It doesn't fade, it doesn't budge, it doesn't smudge up in the corners or give you panda eyes, it stays! I've also used it when I didn't have my liquid eyeliner to do a flick, and I fell asleep with my makeup on that night (Bad Kitty!) and when I woke up my waterline and flick were still intact! It literally shocked me so much that it hadn't even smudged or faded the tiniest amount, it was as black and bold as when I first applied it!

This is hands down the best eyeliner I've ever used and I will never go back to any other liner. I really want to try out some other shades and also some of the rest of the 24/7 range, such as the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Shadow Pencils. If this pencil can last on my waterline, imagine what they can do!


  1. I just found your blog on the bbunch blog hop, so glad ive found it, its lovely! I'm off to follow now :) xx

  2. LOVE your blog - all thanks to the blog hop from bbunch!

    Keep up the good work sweetie, I look forward to reading your future posts ;)

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  3. I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! You have such a good blog, looking forward to seeing your answers :) x

  4. This looks like such a good eyeliner, I think I may have to buy it!

    Found you via the Blogger Bunch blog op and have followed :D


  5. I've been needing a new eyeliner and this one looks really good. Think i might consider giving it a go so thanks for giving such a detailed description :)

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    Please check mine out too and lemme know what you think!


  6. i love this liner too.
    i want to try them allll

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  7. ahhhh! i have to invest in this! recently i have brought about 10 eye pencils to try and find one that will actually stay in my water line! this seems like a life saver! x x

  8. Great blog! Thanks for the review!! ~Kelly