Wednesday, 8 May 2013



Having extremely oily skin I can't seem to find a nice dewy foundation that doesn't leave me looking shinier than a disco ball 5 seconds after I've applied it. I dabbled in primers, but nothing has seemed to work, and my beloved Illamasqua Rich Liquid, no matter how amazing it is, leaves me greasy if I don't set it well with a powder. Powder isn't something I love, and so I always strive to look for a foundation that I can just put on and leave as it is. That's where Estee Lauder comes in handy!

They've recently added to their shade range which confused me a little at first and I'm worried I may of purchased the wrong shade, but the nice lady at the counter in Boots told me if it was wrong I could bring it back, which is definitely news to me! Back when I was 16 I used to wear this all the time, it was my holy grail, and then I'm not really sure what happened but I think I just ran out and never bought it again. Now 5 years later (5 years, oh Jesus!) I have returned. I used to be shade 1C1 'Shell', and now 1C1 is called 'Cool Bone' I assumed the colour would be the same and the name had just changed but it seems a little more yellow than I remember, but blended well it looks fine on my skin.

The foundation itself is a liquid, and many reviews I've seen seem to compare it to 'wearing a mask'. It's true, it's high coverage stuff, but you only need a small amount of this product and I think that's wear people go wrong. I usually buff this into my face with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, or use my hands. Yes, my hands. It can get a little messy, but the overally effect is very seamless and blended. I'd compare it to how you warm Studio Fix concealer with your fingers - if you use your hands with this it warms into the skin much more and that helps with making it not look mask-like.

Now for the best part - in my opinion. Doublewear is the only foundation I've ever used that I don't have to powder, or touch up during the day. I've also maybe slept in this (Once upon a time! Don't kill me) and woken up to a nearly flawless face... Now if that's not long wearing, I don't know what is.

For me this is the perfect everyday foundation when just used minimally, build it up it is perfect for a night out.

Have you tried Doublewear? Are you a fellow lover, or a hater? 

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  1. I want to say i am a lover, but sold mine on ebay because I was sold the wrong colour. I need to be brave and go bk and pick the colour myself this time. I really need a good foundation :)
    Blog is really cute hun, found on blog hop and now following! :))