Monday, 29 April 2013



I have stated previously that I am not a nail person, meaning that nail care is definitely not my strong point. I have never used a base coat in my life, my nails are thin and break easily, and because of that I do often rely on false nails to make my fingers look a little bit more lady like. As a false nail fiend, I've tried many brands and sets, from Broadway to Kiss to Nailene, but I always skimmed over Boots' own brand. 

A set of nails now days, which has maybe two sets in if you're lucky and can fit two nail sizes on one finger, costs around £8, nearly £9. Using a box every few weeks was becoming very very pricey and it wasn't until my Mum spotted these that I realised I could be saving a lot of money! At only £8.50 for 200 nails, with a variety of sizes, you can get a fair few go's out of these before you start scrabbling for the scissors to cut thumb nails into pinky nails (don't act like it's never happened to you!) 

The nails themselves are firm and a semi-opaque white which I've found look actually quite nice on without polish, and the glue that comes with them is very impressive, even with working in a very hands on enviroment I've only lost one nail so far! I've also had a lot of compliments from people asking if they're my real nails, where I get them done etc. Just goes to show expensive doesn't always equal best!

If you're a false nail junkie like me and are sick of paying extortionate prices, these are definitely worth a look at. 

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