Monday, 29 April 2013


Oil Control Day Cream, £15.49 (x) | Sebum Control Cleanser, £10.49 (x)
As with my other skincare post, my acne-prone skin needs to be kept at bay! After indulging in the Una Brennan range, and needing to repurchase, I toddled down the skincare isle to it's normal resting place and saw this lot sitting next to it! Anti-Blemish you say Dr. Nick Lowe? Well how can I resist that.
I'm still loving my cleansing wash by Una Brennan, but I felt like I needed a little bit more. I've always loved these cleansing liquids, and this almost feels like a light toner on my skin and gets off any of the makeup that's worked itself into my pores. It promises to control sebum production, and in my case it definitely has! Suffering with terribly oily skin means that at work if I forget to powder I look like a greasy mess, but this paired with the day cream has sorted it out!

The Oil Control Day Cream itself is a light feeling moisturiser which I use all over the face. I've seen a dramatic difference in the longevity of my makeup after using this for a few days and I don't need to cake my face in powder to make it stay, who can complain about that?

The Nick Lowe and Una Brennan products have worked perfecting in conjuction together for my skin and I'm definitely sticking to them to keep them evil spots at bay!

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  1. I bought the Oil Control Day Cream and i think it's amazing! My skin is so oily but i've noticed this has helped so much.. i even use it as a night cream as well. I also agree that makeup seems to stay for longer. And voila! No spots since.