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Through my teens I suffered with terrible acne and relied on the likes of Freederm and Clean & Clear to help my hormonal skin, but as I've got older I can happily say my skin isn't that much of a worry. Despite it now being a whole lot calmer than it was when I was younger, acne in my past and the curse of having an oily skin type has left me a little bit paranoid about it reverting to it's old terrible ways, and so this range came in handy just in time and my skin is brighter, clearer and feels softer than it ever has before!

I had been relying on my mothers Simple skincare for months and then me working the night shift most nights led me to start using the dreaded facewipe at the end of a night to wipe off all my makeup. No cleansing, no moisurising, no nothing. Until that fateful day I woke up with - you guessed it - a break out!

My finally clear skin had rebelled! Simple wasn't cutting it anymore, and the facewipes definitely were doing more harm than good. I went to Boots in search of a new skincare range, and whilst traipsing around looking at Neutrogena (another teen favourite) I took a turn down the what I guess you could call the 'high end' skincare and spotted these babies hidden amongst La Roche-Posay and Vichy. 

The whole range contains Salicylic Acid, which we all know is good for banishing acne-prone skin, as well as some other ingredients such as Menthol and Elderflower which helps calm irritation, and I can safely say after a fair few months of use and various repurchases, it does just that! My skin is clear and calm and if I ever feel that it's becoming slightly aggravated I pop on the clay mask for a few minutes, paint my nails and when I take it off my skin is smooth and soft again!

The exfoliator is very fine and I think is gentle enough to be used a couple of times a week if it's needed, although I try to limit myself to once, and the cleansing wash foams up lovely to remove all traces of makeup. I have used this on a full face of makeup to remove water-proof mascara as well and it does the job!

I think this range is absolutely brilliant, and if you have slightly acne-prone skin is definitely a good investment. 

Have you tried the range, or any other Una Brennan ranges? If so what did you think?

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